Nanowrimo 2015 Day 2 and Day 3

Welp I definitely lost motivation faster than I thought I would but I am determined to keep pushing through.

On day 2, my work count was still below par at 1628. (Not even hitting day one’s goal. ūüė≠) I only wrote 771 words more from day 1. However it was nice to finish chapter 7 of my story. ¬†When it is finally editted and posted I think the readers of my story will like it.

nano day 2

On day 3, I really started to hit the wall. I only got 87 words written and probably just spent the rest for night banging my head against my keyboard and finally just deciding to work on it more on day 4. This was all I had at the time:

poop jokes

Needless to say lots of bad poop jokes inspired by Levi and my premature writing block.

I did tweet to the #nanocoach tag that Nanowrimo has for advice and mini pep talks from other participants and the designated nanocoach for this leg of the process. They adviced me to “take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes.” And to also try doing writing sprints. ¬†I haven’t attempted it yet but when I have more time to write I might do it.

I also messaged my nano writing bubby.  I met her last nanowrimo and its nice talking to her and trying to motivate each other throughout the month.

Moral of the story is, if you get stuck utilize your resources. Just buckle down, get some calming music to help you focus and just type even if it has nothing to do with the current plot. Get. The. Words. Out.

Until next time.


Nanowrimo 2015 Day 1

It’s November and that means it’s time for me to attempt to write 1667 words a day for the next month, while balancing my hectic school and rehearsal schedule.¬† (It’s madness I tell you and I’m stupidly ambitious to try)

This year, I decided to work on a long running fanfiction of mine.¬† It’s an attack on titan/snk fanfic I started writing two years ago. I¬†decided to use nanowrimo to really work on and finish my Rivamika fanfiction. This story has been shelved and hiatus-ed off and on for the last two years. This year I want to finish it and be really proud of my work. ¬†I will be blogging about this process and the plot here and posting the latest chapters on¬†As far as Day 1 went my word count wasn’t as great as it could have been.

Its a little under the half of what the daily should be. (1667 everyday) Hopefully I can catch up and fill day 2’s quota as well.

With the 1700 word a day requirement, chapter may be drafted fairly quickly but will not be edited for posting until the weekends. Meaning the story maybe be drafted far ahead of the published chapters. I don’t know if with nanowrimo I will finish the story but I hope to write a good 80% during this month. The chapters will be posted on a regular basis as they are proofread and editted. I guess thats all.

If you want to catch up or remember what was happening you can read Obligatory Vow here:

Wish me luck!


So…sluggish is definitely how I’m feeling right now. ¬†These past fours¬†weeks have been really tiring and super busy. ¬†I currently have bronchitis which is slowly clearing up. ¬†Being sick like this has definitely slowed me down. ¬†Now that school is out I am able to get more rest but when I try to do simple things around the house it takes me forever. ¬†Anyway, along with bronchitis, the week before I had finals, and in the three¬†weeks before that my family has had to attend two funerals. ¬†So as you can see things have been kinda hectic.

Unfortunately, I really haven’t had any time (or energy) to blog and write. ¬†I feel bad because I said I would try to update my fanfiction on a biweekly basis and then life got in the way and I wasn’t able to uphold¬†my promise. ¬†sigh…

Hopefully by the start¬†of next¬†week I’ll be back to normal and able to start writing again. ¬†I apologize to readers who expected a new chapter. ¬†Chapter 5 should be up by wednesday.(hopefully)

Here it comes…

I stumbled across this post and I really like it and it’s views on fanfiction. Sometimes I really don’t understand why fanfiction gets such a bad rep. Sure, there are poorer quality ones just like there are poorer quality books, but even so I know there are plenty of fanfic writers that write beautifully, creating some high quality gems within all the different fandoms.

I also think many people use it as a way to practice and hone in on their writing skills as well as just to enjoy the different scenarios and possibilities with pre-established characters and worlds. (Not that I can speak for anyone but myself)

Fanfiction is fun. It’s entertainment for the people that love a certain show, book series or game. It expands upon the original canon into limitless other things.

Yes, there are sometimes those weird fanfics or ones that are just plain bad but still to discredit all fanfiction as a lower level of writing that can’t equate to published original works is wrong. It’s writing done simply by fan who admires someone’s original work.

A Writer's Life For Me.

Now, I’m going to write a word that will most likely evoke a strong reaction in most of you, are you ready?… You sure?…


Oh yes, the word that is spoken in hushed whispers between writers.

Fanfiction is one of those topics that gets a lot of writers into a heated debate, but I’m not here to talk about fanfiction as a good or bad thing for literature. I am going to talk about it as a writing tool.

I think fanfiction is great in a few ways:

‚Äď It gets people writing who wouldn‚Äôt write otherwise, and then from there, discover a passion for writing to go on and produce their own stuff.
‚Äď It shows how much passion people can have for their ‚Äėfandoms‚Äô ūüėÄ

Do I write fanfiction? Yes, I do.

I think I could almost feel a collective cringe from some people reading this…

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Productivity and lovely feedback!!!

I did a crap ton of writing.

My god it’s been an insanely long time since I last updated my current fanfic (almost a year), and I had to sincerely apologize to the readers and followers of the story, mainly because I’ve had this chapter drafted for almost a year and never got around to typing it up. It’s a little shorter that this time around, 1000+ words when the original draft was almost 4000 words. I did some major editing and moved some scenes to the next couple of chapters. So that means that chapter four with ready some time next week.

From now on I hope to¬†update each Sunday with a new chapter. ¬†Yes, I know it’s a little ambitious¬†since I’ve been on hiatus for almost a year to jump to weekly updates, but I have the next 6 chapters outlined and many of the scenes that went into the draft for this past chapter have been moved to next few chapters, so I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to do. ¬† And as soon as I posted the chapter, Tumblr notes and notification emails came in. ¬†The reviews that I received were so sweet and made me happy that someone was actually reading it.

“I don’t ship Levi x Mikasa at ALL, but somehow I love this fic! Keep updating xD” – Anon

“A new update! I’m glad you didn’t abandon this story. I look forward to seeing what happens. ” – Anon

“So glad you decided to update! And now we’re going to get regular updates, yay ūüôā keep up the good work, the Rivamika fandom needs all the good writers it can get.” -AsianObsession

“for the love of god
I had lost hope that will update this story
I hope the you finish that is one of my favorite
sorry google translator
greetings from mexico” -Levi90

“can’t wait for the next chapter” -Navy Bow

“Thanks for the update! i like how the relationship between them is developing i hope we can see a major change for the best in the future” -Anon

I’m also taking small fanfic requests. ¬†Just writing prompts from people on tumblr that will keep me on my toes and act as a cure for writer’s block. ¬†Since I have no classes tomorrow I’ll be making sure to work on those and chapter four of my fanfic as well. ¬†Anyway. ¬†Till next time.

P.S. if anyone actually wants to read the story here’s the link.

Revisiting the old stuff

I actually got a chance to write today, it’s a miracle!

All sarcasm aside, I was on a car trip and spent the time scribbling away in my very beat up notebook. ¬†Even though the story I was working on wasn’t my Nano Novel I was glad I able to work on another story that I’ve had the¬†chapters planned out for, for almost a year now. ¬†Admittedly the story is fanfiction, but I feel that over the years I have learn a lot about good writing and what I like in terms of storytelling and pacing from very well written fanfics.

To be honest, I doubt that anyone who is reading this post reads fanfiction, but I will you to not knock anything till you try it.  I promise you there are fanfiction authors out there that are better than some published authors.  And they spend time out of their daily lives to write stories about fictional characters for free.  For other fans entertainment and enjoyment, but I digress.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of how many words I wrote today, but I’m sure that I spent at least two hours writing. ¬†Nevertheless I¬†will be typing up the chapter that I wrote today and I’ll definitly make sure to add a word count to this post or the next one.

I guess that’s all for now, lets see what tomorrow brings. ¬†For the next few hours I plan on typing this chapter up and finally getting around to posting it.

Till next time. ūüôā


So Camp Nanowrimo has started this April.  Its already day 7 and I’m sure you can already guess that I haven’t been very productive towards writing my Nano Novel.   Despite signing up for the camp, I’ve decided to withdraw from the competition/challenge.    I decided I would rather write at my own pace and not stress myself by trying to force myself to write each day and then meet a daily word count, especially since its Spring Break.  I’d rather not try to strain myself on doing something like Nanowrimo, when this week is all about doing things at my leisure and working my personal creative pursuits such as writing, journaling, sewing, sketching, or actually getting to read a book. 

I can’t tell you how long its been since I’ve been able to read because I wanted to.  The book I read for my creative writing course this past month, Curse and Smoke by Vicky Shecter, was the first book I was able to read since rereading the Diary of Anne Frank over Winter Break.  It was so refreshing and a great read if you like historical fiction or just a good story with lovely details and worldbuilding.  But besides that I haven’t been able to get much reading in.  I so plan to at least read some this week and throughout the rest of the month, even if its only a few minutes at lunch or while riding in the car etc.  Just a few minutes to do the thing that use to make my heart feel at home would be lovely.

So since I have withdrawn from Nano, I will make it a point to write for at least 25-30 minutes a day.  I use an app called Writometer.  It works similarly to the Nanowrimo setup.  You have a daily writing log where you put in how many words you wrote that day, the amount of time you spent writing and your writing goal for the day.  I like the app and there’s less pressure than Nanowrimo.

Along with my daily 30 minute writing I am taking part in the WordPress Blogging U writing challenge.  They basically send you prompts each day and you try to write for that prompt.  Its nice because I would like to post to this blog much more often than I do at the moment and I thought the daily prompt work or at least blogging about my writing endeavors in general.

Let’s see how this goes. ūüôā

Return of the Writer…

I’m back!¬† Very sorry for the unannounced hiatus I took, life definitely caught up with me.¬† I’ve added a ninth class to my line up and my personal life with family and such has been a little hectic, but nonetheless I’ve returned. ūüôā

Unfortunately, since my last blog post I haven’t been able to write any on my nanowrimo novel, not even the fanfiction I started MONTHS ago.¬† But even with all the craziness in my life lately I have missed writing and being able to write stories like I use to.¬† Hopefully I can use this blog as well as my writing tumblr


Finally winter break is here. ¬†It feels so good to be off from school at least for ¬†little while. ¬†I still can’t believe that Christmas is only three days away, strange how I just got out of school a few days ago and it already feels like the time is flying by.

Speaking of Christmas, I have a number of gifts to prepare before Christmas morning. ¬†(yeah, kinda last minute but at least it’s not like its Christmas eve and I’m trying to get gifts, right?) ¬†I plan on doing quite a bit of crochet. ¬†I’m making gifts for my sister, mother and my friend Katie.

I’m going to be making this cute little fella for my sister who always says she wants a pet bunny. (so cute)


My mother is going quite a¬†few crocheted gifts from me. ¬†I’m going to make her¬†three dish clothes and three mug cozies. ¬†I always see her wrapping large mugs of tea with hand towels saying she ought make herself some tea cozies, so I figured to make a few for her.

And my friends Katie who’s a fellow creative writer is going to be getting this¬†cute plushie from me.

All of these projects are super easy and I should be done with them fairly quickly. ¬†Along with these crafty things I’m going to working on my novel some. ¬†I hope that I can get back in touch with my nanowrimo writing buddy¬†soon. ¬†It was great talking to her during the month and we agreed to to stay in touch. ¬†I might send her a message later on today. ūüôā

Here are the links to all the patterns a talked about above:

Molang bunny, Textured dish cloth, Mug cozy, Clara the spotted jellyfish


Little Miss Procrastinator….addicted to journaling

So…I originally started this blog to post about my work on my Nanowrimo novel. ¬†Well ever since November ended, I still haven’t written much more on it… much to my disappointment. ¬†My main priority right now is to get ready for exams in the next two weeks. ¬†Besides school I haven’t done much else with my time. ¬†However, you can say that I have been writing quite a bit lately….just not on my novel.

Recently, I just got back into journaling after about a year of not keeping one. I realized that I had no way of remembering the places and little things about my day that happened. I decided to start journaling again. I bought the Piccadilly Essential black medium lined notebook from Barnes and Nobel. Its basically a moleskine-like book but a quarter of the price. (I bought it for about 5 dollars.) Its really nice and holds ink well. I’ve been spending quite a bit of my spare time writing about things that happened throughout my day. I like being able to look back and see what shenanigans and drama went on earlier in the week. Its also really nice to have a place to write down my thoughts and vent.

Now, I’ve also discovered the Hobonichi Techo planners. ¬†Many of you reading this have probably heard of them from Youtube and the art journaling community. ¬† Most of the Hobonichi’s are used as a form of art journaling. ¬†Basically you get one page per day to put in anything you want, whether its movie tickets, photos, doodles etc. ¬†I first saw this video (shown below) and was immediately inspired to try add a more artistic flare to my journal.

I usually keep my journals strictly filled with just writing. ¬†I don’t put in pictures or anything. ¬†Just good old fashioned written word. ¬†But I’m trying something a little different this time around. ¬†Since the Hobonichi style of journaling is very similar to art journaling as well as scrapbooking, I figured that I would combine normal writing with those types of journaling.

Here are some of the Hobobnichi journals that really inspired me.


By iktsuapok on tumblr


By thehobonichi on tumblr


By thehobonichi on tumblr


By iktsuapok on tumblr

I want to at least start decorating the pages of my journal with cute washi tapes and stickers. Hopefully I can run to the craft store sometime this weekend and pick up some nice scrapbooking stickers and journaling cards as well.

That’s all for now. ūüôā