Finally winter break is here.  It feels so good to be off from school at least for  little while.  I still can’t believe that Christmas is only three days away, strange how I just got out of school a few days ago and it already feels like the time is flying by.

Speaking of Christmas, I have a number of gifts to prepare before Christmas morning.  (yeah, kinda last minute but at least it’s not like its Christmas eve and I’m trying to get gifts, right?)  I plan on doing quite a bit of crochet.  I’m making gifts for my sister, mother and my friend Katie.

I’m going to be making this cute little fella for my sister who always says she wants a pet bunny. (so cute)


My mother is going quite a few crocheted gifts from me.  I’m going to make her three dish clothes and three mug cozies.  I always see her wrapping large mugs of tea with hand towels saying she ought make herself some tea cozies, so I figured to make a few for her.

And my friends Katie who’s a fellow creative writer is going to be getting this cute plushie from me.

All of these projects are super easy and I should be done with them fairly quickly.  Along with these crafty things I’m going to working on my novel some.  I hope that I can get back in touch with my nanowrimo writing buddy soon.  It was great talking to her during the month and we agreed to to stay in touch.  I might send her a message later on today. 🙂

Here are the links to all the patterns a talked about above:

Molang bunny, Textured dish cloth, Mug cozy, Clara the spotted jellyfish



Little Miss Procrastinator….addicted to journaling

So…I originally started this blog to post about my work on my Nanowrimo novel.  Well ever since November ended, I still haven’t written much more on it… much to my disappointment.  My main priority right now is to get ready for exams in the next two weeks.  Besides school I haven’t done much else with my time.  However, you can say that I have been writing quite a bit lately….just not on my novel.

Recently, I just got back into journaling after about a year of not keeping one. I realized that I had no way of remembering the places and little things about my day that happened. I decided to start journaling again. I bought the Piccadilly Essential black medium lined notebook from Barnes and Nobel. Its basically a moleskine-like book but a quarter of the price. (I bought it for about 5 dollars.) Its really nice and holds ink well. I’ve been spending quite a bit of my spare time writing about things that happened throughout my day. I like being able to look back and see what shenanigans and drama went on earlier in the week. Its also really nice to have a place to write down my thoughts and vent.

Now, I’ve also discovered the Hobonichi Techo planners.  Many of you reading this have probably heard of them from Youtube and the art journaling community.   Most of the Hobonichi’s are used as a form of art journaling.  Basically you get one page per day to put in anything you want, whether its movie tickets, photos, doodles etc.  I first saw this video (shown below) and was immediately inspired to try add a more artistic flare to my journal.

I usually keep my journals strictly filled with just writing.  I don’t put in pictures or anything.  Just good old fashioned written word.  But I’m trying something a little different this time around.  Since the Hobonichi style of journaling is very similar to art journaling as well as scrapbooking, I figured that I would combine normal writing with those types of journaling.

Here are some of the Hobobnichi journals that really inspired me.


By iktsuapok on tumblr


By thehobonichi on tumblr


By thehobonichi on tumblr


By iktsuapok on tumblr

I want to at least start decorating the pages of my journal with cute washi tapes and stickers. Hopefully I can run to the craft store sometime this weekend and pick up some nice scrapbooking stickers and journaling cards as well.

That’s all for now. 🙂

New writing and crafting journey…

So, I have opened yet another blog…I seem to have a knack for that. Oh well. 🙂  I mainly plan to post about my writing and crochet crafting.  I will be making posts on a weekly basis (hopefully) on how my biggest writing project is going.  It’s my novel from Nanowrimo this year.  I will try my best to document how I’m doing on the story and even post about the characters and plot.    In my spare time (haha what spare time, school eats it all) I’ll be working on crocheting projects and maybe about my regular life.  So lets see how this goes.  Please feel free to message me and comment on my posts.  I’d love to chat if you like writing and crochet. Thanks for visiting my blog!