Revisiting the old stuff

I actually got a chance to write today, it’s a miracle!

All sarcasm aside, I was on a car trip and spent the time scribbling away in my very beat up notebook.  Even though the story I was working on wasn’t my Nano Novel I was glad I able to work on another story that I’ve had the chapters planned out for, for almost a year now.  Admittedly the story is fanfiction, but I feel that over the years I have learn a lot about good writing and what I like in terms of storytelling and pacing from very well written fanfics.

To be honest, I doubt that anyone who is reading this post reads fanfiction, but I will you to not knock anything till you try it.  I promise you there are fanfiction authors out there that are better than some published authors.  And they spend time out of their daily lives to write stories about fictional characters for free.  For other fans entertainment and enjoyment, but I digress.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of how many words I wrote today, but I’m sure that I spent at least two hours writing.  Nevertheless I will be typing up the chapter that I wrote today and I’ll definitly make sure to add a word count to this post or the next one.

I guess that’s all for now, lets see what tomorrow brings.  For the next few hours I plan on typing this chapter up and finally getting around to posting it.

Till next time. 🙂


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