Productivity and lovely feedback!!!

I did a crap ton of writing.

My god it’s been an insanely long time since I last updated my current fanfic (almost a year), and I had to sincerely apologize to the readers and followers of the story, mainly because I’ve had this chapter drafted for almost a year and never got around to typing it up. It’s a little shorter that this time around, 1000+ words when the original draft was almost 4000 words. I did some major editing and moved some scenes to the next couple of chapters. So that means that chapter four with ready some time next week.

From now on I hope to update each Sunday with a new chapter.  Yes, I know it’s a little ambitious since I’ve been on hiatus for almost a year to jump to weekly updates, but I have the next 6 chapters outlined and many of the scenes that went into the draft for this past chapter have been moved to next few chapters, so I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to do.   And as soon as I posted the chapter, Tumblr notes and notification emails came in.  The reviews that I received were so sweet and made me happy that someone was actually reading it.

“I don’t ship Levi x Mikasa at ALL, but somehow I love this fic! Keep updating xD” – Anon

“A new update! I’m glad you didn’t abandon this story. I look forward to seeing what happens. ” – Anon

“So glad you decided to update! And now we’re going to get regular updates, yay 🙂 keep up the good work, the Rivamika fandom needs all the good writers it can get.” -AsianObsession

“for the love of god
I had lost hope that will update this story
I hope the you finish that is one of my favorite
sorry google translator
greetings from mexico” -Levi90

“can’t wait for the next chapter” -Navy Bow

“Thanks for the update! i like how the relationship between them is developing i hope we can see a major change for the best in the future” -Anon

I’m also taking small fanfic requests.  Just writing prompts from people on tumblr that will keep me on my toes and act as a cure for writer’s block.  Since I have no classes tomorrow I’ll be making sure to work on those and chapter four of my fanfic as well.  Anyway.  Till next time.

P.S. if anyone actually wants to read the story here’s the link.


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