Here it comes…

I stumbled across this post and I really like it and it’s views on fanfiction. Sometimes I really don’t understand why fanfiction gets such a bad rep. Sure, there are poorer quality ones just like there are poorer quality books, but even so I know there are plenty of fanfic writers that write beautifully, creating some high quality gems within all the different fandoms.

I also think many people use it as a way to practice and hone in on their writing skills as well as just to enjoy the different scenarios and possibilities with pre-established characters and worlds. (Not that I can speak for anyone but myself)

Fanfiction is fun. It’s entertainment for the people that love a certain show, book series or game. It expands upon the original canon into limitless other things.

Yes, there are sometimes those weird fanfics or ones that are just plain bad but still to discredit all fanfiction as a lower level of writing that can’t equate to published original works is wrong. It’s writing done simply by fan who admires someone’s original work.

A Writer's Life For Me.

Now, I’m going to write a word that will most likely evoke a strong reaction in most of you, are you ready?… You sure?…


Oh yes, the word that is spoken in hushed whispers between writers.

Fanfiction is one of those topics that gets a lot of writers into a heated debate, but I’m not here to talk about fanfiction as a good or bad thing for literature. I am going to talk about it as a writing tool.

I think fanfiction is great in a few ways:

– It gets people writing who wouldn’t write otherwise, and then from there, discover a passion for writing to go on and produce their own stuff.
– It shows how much passion people can have for their ‘fandoms’ 😀

Do I write fanfiction? Yes, I do.

I think I could almost feel a collective cringe from some people reading this…

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