So…sluggish is definitely how I’m feeling right now.  These past fours weeks have been really tiring and super busy.  I currently have bronchitis which is slowly clearing up.  Being sick like this has definitely slowed me down.  Now that school is out I am able to get more rest but when I try to do simple things around the house it takes me forever.  Anyway, along with bronchitis, the week before I had finals, and in the three weeks before that my family has had to attend two funerals.  So as you can see things have been kinda hectic.

Unfortunately, I really haven’t had any time (or energy) to blog and write.  I feel bad because I said I would try to update my fanfiction on a biweekly basis and then life got in the way and I wasn’t able to uphold my promise.  sigh…

Hopefully by the start of next week I’ll be back to normal and able to start writing again.  I apologize to readers who expected a new chapter.  Chapter 5 should be up by wednesday.(hopefully)